Often has the question been asked, “which variety of Ginseng is most beneficial, Siberian or Korean”?  It is widely cultivated in Korea, Japan, China and the Ukraine.  The therapeutic value of Ginseng has been recorded for 2,000 years, a book published in 960 AD listed more than 500 medicines containing Ginseng.  It is most useful in states of health where the energy is depleted and the body functions have become sluggish, thus it is ideal in cases of tiredness, exhaustion, convalescence and older age.

The Ginseng plant is not harvested until the roots are four years old, generally Red Ginseng is considered better than white because only higher quality roots are selected for steaming and the outer peel is left intact.  However some white roots, especially top-grade Chinese  are superior to Korean Red.  It has been found that Red Ginseng has greater efficiency in improving the circulation, prevention of blood clots and improving immune system function.

Studies show the root may improve resistance to adverse environmental factors, counteract damage caused by physical and emotional stress, enhance memory, improve immunity, counteract coronary heart disease associated with angina, lower blood sugar levels and regulate blood pressure.

Research to date concludes that Ginseng is not toxic, however, people who respond to stressful situations with increased nervous tension, eg children and the hyperactive person, would be best off not using the root, in fact, the young should take it for only a three week period.  Caffeine should not be ingested whilst taking Ginseng.

To ensure you are purchasing a quality Ginseng, choose a Korean or Chinese imported product which is still in its original packaging.  Ginseng tea is practically medicinally ineffective, the thick pastes are the best product, liquid presentation is popular and so too capsules.

For further advice, orders and appointments, please call me on 0427 239 676

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The instance of a certain food or various foods disagreeing with us arises because our digestive organs [stomach, pancreas, gall, liver] are no longer working efficiently.

Food remains in large partially undigested particles that are no longer recognised , and the body’s immune system responds in an alarmed, reactive manner, which can cause a whole lot of real discomfort.

Western societies exhibit intolerances to the following foods, in order of frequency:   dairy products, wheat, cereals, egg, yeast, salicylates and natural colors, preservatives and natural colors, shellfish, nuts and alcohol.

Following is a list of foods with my observations of the bodily reactions if one is sensitive to that food.


JOINT PAIN – Potato, eggplant, tomato, chilli, capsicum, tobacco.

SKIN ITCH/RASH – Dried fruit, oranges & juice, strawberries, dairy products.

HEADACHE – Chocolate, peanuts, green apples.


HYPERACTIVITY – Packet pasta, minute noodles, jelly lollies, cordial, ice-blocks.




Any severe food SENSITIVITY/ALLERGY will cause any of the following:  nausea, belch, bloat, vomit, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain.


It’s best to KNOW YOUR SENSITIVITIES, I provide guidance through a specialised ELIMINATION DIET FOR DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT OF FOOD SENSITIVITIES AND ALLERGIES.  We will endeavour also, to improve the health and function of the digestive organs, to prevent the development of further food allergies.  Appointments can be made by calling me,  0427 239 676

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ENDOMETRIOSIS is diagnosed when tissue more or less perfectly resembling the ENDOMETRIUM occurs in various locations in the pelvic cavity.  The ENDOMETRIUM is the mucus membrane lining the uterine wall.

Symptoms include:   change in regularity and volume of the menstrual flow, knife-like pain in the abdominal cavity that can be so severe it can cause nausea and sweating and inability to walk or move even.  Infertility is unfortunately one of the major side effects of ENDOMETRIOSIS.   Pregnancy is encouraged, interruption of menstruation is thought to retard the disease.

The cause of this problem is unknown, possible causes are agreed to be:   expulsion of endometrial tissue during menses, upward through the Fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity, where implants establish on the ovaries or other tissues lining the abdominal cavity.

Hormonal irregularity that transforms tissue in the abdominal cavity to ENDOMETRIAL tissue

A combination of the above two, where transported ENDOMETRIUM chemically induces other cells to form ENDOMETRIAL tissue



One or more small implants of ENDOMETRIAL tissue in the pelvic cavity

Implants are larger and extend to the utero-sacral ligaments and recto-vaginal septum

Implants are 5 mm or larger in diameter, on the ovary and superficial implants are on broad ligaments and adjacent organs

Endometriomas have penetrated the vagina, bowel, urinary tract and metastasized to such distant sites as lymph nodes

Development of glandular tissue or malignant cells resembling glandular tissue


The Naturopathic approach to treatment of ENDOMETRIOSIS involves detoxifying and cleansing the blood and tissues in the abdominal cavity and body entire.   Considering the involvement of the ENDOMETRIUM sloughing off  the uterine wall, and the fact that this is brought about by hormonal influences, we work towards encouraging the most normal menstrual cycle, and actual menstruation as possible, by ensuring that hormonal secretions are regulated and normal.

I would prescribe specific, notable herbs, oils, vitamins and homoeopathic extracts to encourage possible retardation or even regression of ENDOMETRIOSIS.   I can be contacted on 0427 239 676

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Diverticulosis is the formation of a distension, ballooning or out-pocketing of the large bowel.

This abnormality occurs in association with constipation and the necessity for the bowel to expand massively, OR if an area of the bowel musculature loses it’s strength and can’t contract effectively to expel faeces, OR if an area of the bowel is very thin and spindly in diameter, with faecal bottlenecks occurring and explosive expulsion into the bowel on the other side of the bottleneck.

Faeces becomes trapped in such bowel pockets, stagnating and putrefying, yielding bad acids which irritate the bowel wall.

Greater volumes of gas are produced to further blow up and enlarge the pocket.

Counter-productive bacteria multiply vigorously, never being disturbed or expelled from out there in the pocket and auto-intoxication via the bowel ensues, with probable candida overgrowth.

This entire scenario causes much damage to the bowel wall and it can become inflamed, often drastically, then called DIVERTICULITIS.

Out of control reproduction, instigated by the need of continual repair or replacement of bowel wall cells, can be the fore-runner of colon cancer.

If constipation were avoided by eating natural, high fibre, bulky foods, this disorder would rarely develop.

Choice of foods if suffering DIVERTICULITIS depends on the degree  of inflammation of the bowel, and whether infection has developed, please consult a Naturopath to assess this and receive advice of healing herbs etc.

Speaking generally – eat small, frequent meals, avoid processed foods [everything in a packet, jar or tin and with chemicals, preservatives of colorings included] and animal foods, except soured milk products.

Drink lots of fresh juices daily, especially vegetable juices.  Do avoid citrus juices, and whole nuts, seeds and grains, they are too rough and scratchy and injure new baby bowel wall cells.  Ground to a powder and added to recipes or served as a paste is usually tolerated.

For specific professional advice regards successful treatment of this painful disorder, I can be contacted on 0427 239 676

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Numerous factors may contribute to the development of hypersensitivity to chemical substances, some of which are:

Individual abnormalities in enzyme and protein synthesis:  approximately 50% of the population detoxify some chemicals too slowly                                                                            Disorders of liver and kidney function                                                                                                Unstable hormone status                                                                                                                        Poor diet and nutritional status


Terpenes – volatile chemicals released from plants that give their characteristic scent ie pine needles, orange, eucalyptus, jasmine

Hydrocarbon fuels – natural gas, petrol fumes, kerosene

Synthetic ripening of fruits ie bananas with ethylene gas. Commercial coffee, gas roasted

Formaldehyde products – plastics, nylon carpet, mouthwash, detergent, soap, shampoo

Perfumes from deoderants, scented soap, nail polish, cleaning solvent

Artificial colors ie tartrazine [102], sunset yellow [110], erythrosine [127]

Monosodium glutamate [MSG] a flavor enhancer often used in Chinese food recipes

Sodium Metabisulphate – in all dried fruits [unless tunnel dried], keeps the fruit color true

Sodium nitrate and nitrite – in most processed cold meats ie fritz, devon, chicken loaf, sausages, burgers, frankfurts etc

Chlorinated water


Symptoms of chemical sensitivity vary widely and can include headache, irritability, fatigue, hyperactivity, restlessness, anxiety, sluggish thinking, poor energy levels, muscle pain, arthritis, eczema  and asthma

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In the normal, healthy body, PROBIOTIC or “pro-life” organisms live throughout the digestive tract.

These Lactobacillus and Bifido-bacteria live side by side with 600 species of micro-organisms in the mouth, and 400 species in the small and large intestines.

Not only do these good flora promote food digestion, optimise nutrient absorption, and help process bile, Lactobacillus bacteria also balance cholesterol levels in the blood.

Studies at the Shinshu University in Japan found that Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria can suppress the re-absorption in the liver of bile acids carrying cholesterol, and improve the removal of cholesterol from the blood via stool excretion.

In another study in Argentina, Lactobacillus bacteria were found to lower total blood cholesterol by 22% and triglycerides by 33%.

A research report from Denmark published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that Lactobacillus bacteria significantly lowered blood pressure in men and women 18 to 55 years of age, after eight weeks of supplementation.   Those in the control group not receiving Lactobacillus bacteria, had no reduction in their high blood pressure.

Such scientific evidence provides valuable insight toward reducing the risk of unhealthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels associated with heart disease.

For inquiries and appointments, please phone 0427 239 676

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Anemia is the result of insufficient numbers of red blood cells, one basic cause is the lack of iron-rich foods in the diet.  Iron is required for the formation of the hemoglobin portion of the red blood cell, which is the oxygen carrying component.

Other causes of anemia are: 1. excessive menstruation and loss of blood, 2. internal bleeding ie gastro-intestinal tract ulcers, 3. deficiency of a substance formed in the stomach called “intrinsic factor” which aids assimilation of Vit B12 and Folic Acid, 4.Sickle Cell Anemia – the Hemoglobin molecule becomes misshapen which results in the clumping of red blood cells, sometimes causing extreme pain in the joints and abdomen,  5Hemolytic anemia – rupture of red blood cells due to effects of a toxin, 6. destruction of bone marrow by radiation, chemotherapy, infection or drugs, 7. premature destruction of red blood cells due to unbalanced formation of Hemoglobin molecules.

Elderly people especially may be anemic due to a lack of Hydrochloric Acid secretion in the stomach, supplement of this important digestive acid will improve assimilation of Iron.  Strict vegans and vegetarians might do well to take an Iron and Vit B12 supplement.

Poor rate of transportation of Oxygen by a diminished number of red blood cells, causes extreme tiredness, a white, washed-out appearance & the inner eyelid will be pale, not red.

Rich sources of dietary Iron are: red meat, brown rice, honey, dates, molasses, prunes, dry figs, banana, red & blue fruits and green leafy vegetables. Herbs – Stinging Nettle, Blackberry, Parsley, Chlorophyll & Spirulina.

Iron, Folic Acid & Vit B12 supplements are available, Vit C aids Iron absorption.  Organic Iron does not constipate.  Adequate rest and relaxation are important, sunbathing in moderation and cold rubs are helpful. For further advice, I am available on 0427 239 676


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As the incidence of stress, anxiety attacks, fear and depression increases in our community, so too should our efforts to discover a safe, gentle method of healing the mental, emotional and spiritual being.

It is true, the way we think and feel emotionally has a direct and powerful impact on the body; often we are unhappy and struggling emotionally with a repetitive negative thought, it is then that we succumb to physical sickness too.

Clinical trials and observations of my own with patients who have been suffering life debilitating negative thought processes, have revealed the outstanding success of the Bach Wildflower Remedies in achieving a total change of mind-set, which can be described as remarkable.

Dr Edward Bach, a prominent Harley Street physician, between the year 1930 and 1936, found, perfected and put to use the essences of the petals of English wild flowers for the healing of the mood and temperament of the patient.

The remedies can be used in conjunction with any other form of treatment.

Persons of any age and their pet animals can safely use the essences.

During a process of consultation in clinic the best remedy/remedies can be selected, considering the individual and their particular circumstances of life, and their moods.

Any healing agent that works safely and so effectively, proving itself over a period of 70 years is worth rediscovering.

Please allow me to assist as you discover and experience healing via the essences, which can enable you to start your new, happier life.   Phone 0427239676

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Baldness occurs most commonly in the adult male, due to excessive production of male sex hormones, which causes thickening of the galea and resultant constriction of capillaries and impaired blood supply to the hair roots.

Isolated small patches of ALOPECIA are often caused by emotional stress and once the stressor is eliminated the hair will regrow.

Hair is rich in the mineral Silicon and is composed of protein called Keratin, therefore a silicon-rich diet is recommended, ie alfalfa, horsetail herb, Stinging Nettle, onion, oats, buckwheat, millet, rice, rye and sesame seed.   Choose vegetable protein sources which are more easily digested and assimilated ie, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seed, almonds, buckwheat, millet, beans, lentils and fresh wheat germ.

Avoid salt and sugar which can cause dandruff and hair loss.   Tobacco impairs circulation to the extremities.

Improve circulation to the head by practising inverted postures two to three times daily ie modified headstand, the plough, downward dog.   Lie on a slant board for fifteen minutes, two times daily, massage the scalp, brush hair daily,  avoid too regular shampooing and plan on reducing prolonged mental work and mental stress which constrict blood vessels in the head.

Treatment from your Naturopath can include prescription of Vitamins, specific minerals and herbs, professional advice re dosages is very important.

To restore hair color try black strap molasses or two tablespoons of sea water daily, taken orally.

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The overweight male will carry 15 – 20% of body weight as fat and the obese male in excess of 20%.   The overweight female carries 25 – 35% of body weight as fat and the obese, in excess of 35% body fat.

30 gram of protein yields 116 calories, 20 gram of carbohydrate contains 116 calories and 30 gram of fat yields 263 calories so we can see why the body conserves excess calories as fat.

Overweight people can be so for the following reasons:   metabolic imbalance and fluid retention, pituitary or thyroid gland or liver or pancreas imbalance, or perhaps emotions such as depression, frustration, insecurity, guilt or boredom are factors involved.   Often though it is a matter of what we put in our mouth and lack of exercise.

Then of late the hypothesis of the existence of “the thrifty gene” is gaining wide acceptance.   Extensive studies have shown the relationship between genetic inheritance and being overweight.   The chances of two obese parents producing an obese child is known to be about 80%, with one obese parent 40% and neither parents obese, around 7%.   Infants and young  children who are fed large portions develop an excess of fat cells and become overweight, and remain that way, with a usually voracious appetite.

Some health problems associated with carrying excess weight are:   high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and circulatory disorders and arthritis.

Many overweight people are undernourished, especially if their dietary focus is on refined “junk” food which can lead to low blood sugar levels and an associated constant craving for food, the sweeter the better.   A change in eating patterns is required to be able to lose weight.

Four to six meals of equal size, daily, or “grazing” has proven to promote weight loss as the pancreas is gently stimulated, keeping blood sugar levels relatively steady.   In this way all cells are being nourished thoroughly, regularly, including those of brain that need to register satisfaction and satiated appetite.   We should stop eating at the first sign of fullness or satisfaction.   The stomach size will adapt to smaller meals and one will feel satisfied with far less food.

If you want to lose weight, start by eating the evening meal from a side plate, store tempting foods out of sight, but better still, DON’T BUY THEM.   Enjoy a large breakfast, medium size lunch and small tea/dinner.   Pin up a photograph of yourself at an ideal weight and keep looking at your goal, planning and expecting to look like that soon.    MOST IMPORTANT, after Doctor’s permission, exercise for one hour daily, six days per week.   Drink two litres of water daily.   Reduce consumption of grain based foods and animal fats.

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