Our small and large intestines are lined with tissues that secrete optimum amounts of mucus, this structure allows for absorption of minute particles of totally digested food (micro-nutrients) only.

This “mucosa” therefore acts as a barrier to other larger particles such as undigested food, allergy causing substances, intestinal toxins and micro-organisms.

If the mucosal barrier becomes damaged, waste products and toxins contained within the bowel, can randomly flow into the bloodstream.

Factors that contribute to the development of “LEAKY GUT SYNDROME” are:-

1   nervous system dysfunction which upsets production of digestive enzymes and alters bowel transit time

2   impaired digestion – age related or those with dysfunctional stomach or pancreas or liver or gall, often don’t produce enough stomach and pancreatic and liver digestive enzymes

3   poor digestion yields damaging toxins and gases which can break-down the intestinal wall barrier, causing inflammation and associated swelling and pain

4   stress, poor dietary choices ie excessive yeast and sugar, and use of antibiotics can cause overgrowth of harmful Candida Albicans (thrush), and others, which inflame/infect the intestine walls and increase permeability

5   stress over-load, eating “hot” tasting foods and oxidative processes that occur in us all,  are contributors to intestinal inflammation

LEAKY GUT SYNDROME can promote the development of inflammatory bowel diseases, food allergies, auto-immune disease, eczema and dermatitis, inflamed blood vessels, joint pain and swelling, fatigue, depression and chronic migraine or headache

If you suspect you are suffering because you have LEAKY GUT SYNDROME please phone for an appointment on 0427239676

Best of Health to you, Carolyn White NATUROPATH

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