The biggest stressor in our lives is probably the actual pace of life and the number of duties/commitments we try to cram into twenty-four hours, time seems to literally run away with us some days.

Deflate pent-up STRESS by implementing some of these strategies:

1  Breathe deeply, this tells the body that all is well, shallow breathing alerts the brain/body to danger ie STRESS.

2  If you feel uptight, you can be sure it is affecting the whole body including the muscles, stomach, bowel etc.  Seek Naturopathic advice on supplements to tonify the nervous system.

3  Lift the shoulders to the ears as you breathe in, say A-h-h-h strongly.

4  Reduce/eliminate tea, coffee, tobacco.

5  Meet a friend, people with social ties are more resistant to and recover from illness quickly.

6  Walk, or dance at home, endorphins are released once we become breathless, these hormones help lift us out of depression and ANXIETY.

7  It’s easy to take on too much, learn to say no, this gets easier with practise.

8  Take at least 15 minutes time-out daily, walk in the garden.

9  Have a good laugh, it’s the best relaxer, release of endorphins neutralise pain, buy a joke book.

10  Make time for massage, also assists circulation, lymphatic flow and nerves.

11  Write a daily journal, including the good and bad; write down major frustations on separate paper, scrunch up and throw it away with gusto.

12  Show spirit, avoid saying “what’s the use” etc., try, try again.

13  Have a good cry, don’t hold back the tears, don’t suppress feelings.

14  Make plans for pleasure, a holiday? a luncheon date? etcetera.

Please peruse my website www.carolynwhite and see how I am able to assist you in your pursuit of better health as we address your feelings of STRESS AND ANXIETY.

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