MIGRAINE HEADACHE can be differentiated by the presence of the following symptoms – they begin in a small spot on the temple, fore-head or eyeball and is penetrating, sharp and boring.  Pain can spread and involve the entire side of the head and neck and in some cases both sides are affected, the patient can become nauseous and vomit, with visual disturbances, flashes of light, dim vision and prostration  lasting for 2 to 24 hours.  There is an hereditary tendency and the first incidence usually occurs in childhood.

HEADACHES can be caused by psychological factors such as suppressed anger or resentment, which if not permitted expression raises intra-cranial pressure.   Emotional stress and tension causes contraction of muscles, noticeable especially in the shoulders, neck and head and these spasms can cause HEADACHE; relaxing massage and herbs and vitamins and minerals can resolve the problem.

Lack of or imbalance of Calcium and Magnesium causes muscle spasms and ensuing HEADACHE.

Dehydration will cause HEADACHE, also constipation, as toxins from the bowel recirculate through the bloodstream, burdening the liver, in fact, if the liver is malfunctioning, sickly, bilious HEADACHES can be resultant because the blood has not been filtered clean and the liver itself becomes clogged with toxins.

Allergy to foods, for example, perhaps as simple as green apples or peanuts can cause HEADACHES; and air-borne allergens will cause inflammation of the sinus’ and nasal passages, with HEADACHE.

Eyestrain or the need for glasses should be considered and also the possibility of an intracranial tumor.

Natural medications for HEADACHES AND MIGRAINES can be prescribed by myself, or maybe a massage will be the means by which your HEADACHES will cease and desist.

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