A low carbohydrate diet and regular  morning exercise are the key to fat loss.   The body will be forced to burn carbohydrates first or diabetes ensues, so if one is on a high carbohydrate diet, usually only those carbs will be used during exercise and the fat belly will remain untouched.

The best exercise combination is aerobic and resistance training.   Do exercise first thing in the morning before eating, otherwise only breakfast will be burnt up.   An additional bonus is the metabolic rate will be set for the day at a higher click.   Just drink water until after exercise is done for the day.

All healthy non-animal foods are carbs but living foods are mainly water, ie broccoli is 5% carbs and brown rice is 70% carbs.

Grains have been introduced to the human diet recently, compared to fruit, vegetables, seeds and legumes, as seen in The Bible records of Earth’s history.   Grains are comprised of 50% to 80% carbs.  The body protects itself by burning carbs and sugars first.

Low carb diets improve cholesterol readings also.

Carrying excess fat increases estrogen production, and storage in fat cells.   A BMI  in excess of 30 is classified as obesity and estrogen concentrations are 60% to 219% higher than in thin women.   BMI and  elevated estrogen levels are related to multiple hormonal cancers ie breast cancer.   A ketogenic, low carb diet starves cancer and supplies extra fat and protein for specific needs.

Professional support and advice can be so helpful in achieving fat loss goals, and improving overall health in so many ways.

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