Metabolic Syndrome patients present with large waist circumference, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and blood sugar, pancreas and insulin level abnormalities.

Such patients are showing  a blood clotting tendency and can be served well by daily low dose, enteric coated Aspirin.  Aspirin is contra-indicated in patients with gastro-intestinal inflammation or ulcer or history of internal bleed.

A weight loss, and dietary program and exercise for 30 minutes daily effectively lowers high insulin levels and high blood pressure.  Maintaining high fitness levels promotes lower levels of inflammatory blood proteins, inflammation through the body notably results in diseases as mentioned above.

Daily intake of Green Tea reduces body weight and waist circumference by up to 5% as it stimulates thermogenesis, the burning up of fat.

Psyllium, the husks and hulls  of an Indian corn, greatly reduced LDL in 24 weeks, and as such is recognised as an alternative  to drug therapy, along with Policosanol, the waxy portion of the stem of sugar cane.

100 gram of dark chocolate per day, around 80%, lowers blood pressure and increases Insulin sensitivity.

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