Sensitivity or allergy to wheat and other gluten containing foods is a very real issue for some people.

Nothing substitutes exactly for wheat flour but a mixture of flours works best.   Try a mixture of the following:   2/3 cup of arrowroot, 1 cup maize corn flour, 2 cups rice flour, 2 cups soya flour, 3 cups potato flour.   Store in an airtight container and one cup of the mixture to replace one cup of wheat flour.   Reduce cooking temperature by 20 degrees Celsius and increase the baking time.

Many existing recipes with wheat flour can be altered without difficulty.   For example, whenever wheat flour is used as a thickening agent as in soups or sauces, substitute corn flour, potato starch or arrowroot in half the specified amount.

Fortunately, these days many alternative types of flours are readily available in the supermarkets and health food stores.

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