Spirulina is a blue-green single cell alga, microscopic in size and spiral in shape.   It thrives in warm alkaline lakes, absorbing an abundance of minerals.   To the Aztecs it was so highly prized as a sustaining food that it was used as a currency.

Today spirulina is used widely in Japan both as a food and a medicine, it is composed of 65-71% complete protein, providing all the essential amino acids, a rarity amongst plant foods.   The protein is so well balanced that it is five times easier to digest than meat or soy protein.

Like pollen, Spirulina is one of the rare plant foods to supply usable amounts of Vit B12.   In addition, it contains Vit A and E, essential fatty acids and an array of enzymes that aid digestion.   Another major constituent of Spirulina is chlorophyll, known to detoxify the liver, soothe inflammations and prevent tooth decay.

Most studies of the effects of Spirulina have been conducted in Japan, they show that it has great rejuvenating effects and produces substantial energy increases in athletes, it has a blood sugar stabilizing effect and can therefore help control diabetes.   Anemia responds to the Vit B12 and Folic acid component.   To strict vegetarians, Spirulina provides Vit B12 and complete protein and Iron.

Dieters can also use Spirulina, it’s low calorie nourishment quickly enters the blood stream and raises blood sugar levels, preventing the hypothalamus in the brain from sending out hunger messages.   This is because the protein in Spirulina contains a high proportion of phenylalanine which transforms in the brain into neurotransmitter substances which control appetite.   By taking Spirulina before a meal, dieters will find themselves eating less but adequately meeting their nutritional requirements.

Spirulina is grown and harvested in unpolluted places, it is free from environmental contaminants, pesticides and other industrial poisons.   It can be used with a higher degree of safety than many common foods.

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