There is a general belief amongst marijuana users that the drug is safe, or at least no more dangerous than tobacco or alcohol.

The following article outlines the risks to overall health of the human body.

Marijuana smoke contains many of the same carcinogens and toxins found in tobacco smoke, sometimes in higher concentrations and the daily use of one to three joints appears to produce the same lung diseases and potential cancer risks as smoking five times as many cigarettes.

EFFECTS ON THE BRAIN AND CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM – changes of distribution of blood flow to the brain inducing defects of short term memory, anxiety, confusion, depression, difficulty in concentrating and thinking, affects educational development, decreased ambition.

EFFECTS ON THE IMMUNE SYSTEM – possible decrease in resistance to Herpes Simplex 2, THC prevents B cells from producing interferon, a substance the body uses to resist virus’s and cancer.┬á Marijuana users appear to be more susceptible to cancers of the upper jaw, larynx and head.

EFFECTS ON THE LUNGS – rebound broncho-contstriction which is very dangerous for asthmatics, worse lung damage than that caused by tobacco smoke.

EFFECTS ON HEART AND BLOOD PRESSURE – increase of up to 50% in heart rate and increases of up to 16 points in diastolic blood pressure have been reported, these effects could be quite serious in individuals with diabetes or heart disease.

EFFECTS ON REPRODUCTION AND FERTILITY – decreases blood levels of testosterone, affects sperm motility and reduces sperm counts.

Two studies conducted on children of mothers who smoked marijuana demonstrated infants were more often premature, low birth weight and were more frequently born with major defects.

Thankfully now medicinal grade marijuana can be safely prescribed by Specialist Doctors.

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