You may have heard of the upsurge of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The most powerful antibiotic we have available is now too losing its’ effect against bacteria such as Golden Staph, a bacteria capable of causing death.

As a result of these manifestations enquiries are under way as to why the rate of prescription antibiotics is so high in Australia.

Thus far the bottom line appears to be that the community holds the mind set that antibiotics quickly heal illness and that society in general expects an antibiotic prescription and exerts a very real pressure on Doctors to oblige, otherwise there is an individual dis-satisfaction if such prescription is not forthcoming.

We must understand that antibiotics are effective against most bacteria only, they are of no effect against a virus, virus’ must run their course.

Many chickens and cattle are these days given antibiotics to protect the animal [dollars], we eat these antibiotics as we eat the flesh.   I suggest we try to avoid eating so much meat, chicken and beef.

Resort to visits to the Doctor for antibiotics only when quite ill and feverish, do not expect a prescription for antibiotics from every consultation.

We can boost our natural defense system by eating abundantly from the Liliaceae family, ie shallots, onion, garlic and leek.

We can tap and stimulate a gland called the Thymus, located below the junction of the two clavicle bones, which has the function of making white blood cells that fight virus and bacteria.

Herbs such as Astragalus, Echinacea and Olive Leaf , boost our natural immunity to fight virus and bacteria.

For further information on improving immunity, I invite you to make an appointment by calling me on 0427 239 676

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