Male infertility is on the rise throughout the world, the recent increase is thought to be influenced by contamination of the environment with Estrogen via human waste products entering our waterways, and through our food chain, by meat and fowl that have been brought to maturity rapidly by administration of Estrogen.

Another modern-day influence has been the introduction of the fashion garment, the under pant, designed to provide firm support which lifts the testicles closer to the body.  The male reproductive system works best when kept cooler than the rest of the body, boxer shorts are a healthier under-garment option.

Infertility is caused if too few sperm are produced, normally only one in ten complete the journey from the vagina to the Fallopian tubes anyway.

Sperm are sometimes produced that are not strong enough to swim for very long and others can be a malformed shape which reduces the opportunity for conception.

Natural therapeutic agents recommended to improve the production levels and health of sperm are:-  Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Zinc, various amino acids, the herbs Ginseng and Damiana, and raw eggs and milk.

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