From a Naturopathic point of view, constipation is existent if the bowels are not opened on a daily basis.

It makes good sense to have this expectation, considering the amount of food we consume throughout one day, let alone during two or three days.

When the faeces remains in the bowel for 2, 3, 4 days, the bowel must expand in all directions to be able to cater to the bulk, this can mean the beginnings of formation of diverticuli [bowel pockets], where the faeces can remain putrefying and harboring undesirable bacteria.   Inflammation in the bowel pocket can develop with accompanying pain, this is termed “diverticulitis”.

Due to consistent overfilling of the bowel and rectum, the over-stretched muscles of the bowel can become quite inelastic and flaccid, not able to peristals strongly and with such an “atonic” bowel it takes much longer to fill the enlarged area with faeces.   Peristalsis will not occur until pressure receptor cells in the bowel wall register fullness, and so the routine of irregular bowel action – constipation, follows the vicious cycle.

In this case, fill the bowel more quickly by taking indigestible fibre – Psyllium, 2 teaspoons morning and night, sprinkled on breakfast cereal or in fruit juice, drink immediately after stirring, before it gels, and ensure a daily water intake of 1.5 to 2 litres.

Conversely, constipation can be caused by the bowel structure being too thin and spindly to allow easy passage, this is called a “spastic colon”.

Other common factors contributing to constipation are:-   lack of exercise, slow thyroid function, dehydration, liver dysfunction, lack of bile if on a low fat diet, denying the urge, overuse of laxatives, worry, anxiety, over-refined food intake, food allergies, over-indulgence of animal protein and lack of vitamins B, Inositol and Vitamin K.

Usage of laxative foods and drinks is advisable ie orange juice, prunes soaked overnight or prune juice, Aloe Vera juice is most effective, Psyllium – the husks and hulls of an Indian corn, dried figs, yoghurt, Linseeds, sprouted seeds, raw fruits, whole-meal bread, licorice tea and the gently laxative herb, Senna.  A Castor Oil pack applied externally to the abdomen may assist.  Some laxative herbs can be quite vicious so use with caution and do not remain on them for too long.

If you have any questions or wish to purchase a top quality, effective laxative, please contact me on 0427 239 676

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