HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS TYPE I, is commonly known as “THE COLD SORE VIRUS”, occurring mainly around the mouth. The first outbreak usually occurs in childhood and the virus often re-emerges from it’s dormant state in the bloodstream and glandular system in the early teens.
It causes blistering and redness with a burning type pain
and affects a very large proportion of the world population, it is estimated that 50 to 70% of the population suffer this affliction.

A study of 45 people noted, that following treatment with the amino acid L-LYSINE, all but two of those affected, experienced significant regression of the pain, in fact it abruptly disappeared overnight and no new vesicles (blisters) appeared.
It is interesting to note that of those 45 people, 11 were males and 34 females.
Therapeutic dosage is 500 mg three times daily.

As far as dietary relationship goes, foods rich in the amino acid arginine need to be restricted ie nuts, seeds and cereals that have not been toasted, and chocolate.

Those foods with a high LYSINE to Arginine ratio are helpful, ie milk, meat, brewers yeast and potatoes. Choosing to make dairy products a significant part of the diet appears to be important as infants on a predominantly milk diet rarely develop cold sores before weaning.

Other factors that potentiate the activity of the HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS are sudden changes in temperature from warmth to feeling cold and high stress levels.
Women often notice an increased incidence of COLD SORES prior to menstruation.

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