Snoring is one of society’s most devastating and underestimated health problems, affecting 44% of men and 30% of women.

In Australia alone, there are over 7 million snorers suffering the side effects of chronic oxygen deprivation due to airway obstruction during sleep.

This figure doesn’t include the millions of spouses who suffer chronic deprivation due to a snoring spouse.

Devastating health implications are associated with snoring, among the most alarming of these is the fact that chronic snorers have an eightfold risk of heart attack, compared to non-snorers.

Without appropriate treatment of the causative factors, snoring can progress to a more severe medical condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea [OSA].

OSA represents a more severe obstruction that causes a 20 – 40% decrease in oxygen saturation during sleep.

In approximately 35% of heart attack and stroke patients, OSA contributed to their demise.   The high association [60%] of OSA with renal failure indicates an interesting relationship between this condition and kidney function.

Just as angina attacks are an ominous warning of significant heart disease, snoring is an indicator of chronic metabolic problems that need to be corrected to avoid degenerative disease progression, and to promote health and vitality.

Other signs and symptoms associated with snoring include:- decreased sexual function and drive, memory loss and lack of concentration, disturbed sleep patterns, fatigue and reduced energy, hypertension, sinusitis, irritability, depression, dry mouth, bad breath, headaches and diabetes.

Some patients cease snoring by excluding dairy products from the diet, or by excluding alcohol and/or by losing weight.  Others take the professional overnight sleep monitoring test and if advised, purchase the Sleep Apnoea machine, or an oral device designed by a dentist for their unique mouth, others have surgery to open their airways.  I have found by training myself to sleep on my side only, I hardly ever snore.

Best wishes with finding a solution that works for you, as you can see, it is very important for your health.

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