Menstrual disorders can be expected in some women because of the sheer complexity of hormonal and metabolic changes that take place during the average 28 day cycle.   If all is not in order, the following can ensue – depression, tension,  cramps, fainting, tender breasts, water retention, racing heart and backache, irregular or too heavy period.

Particularly involved in the treatment of such symptoms are:   Vitamin E (restores regularity, rectifies spot bleeding), Vitamin B6 (taken 10 days prior to menses to alleviate edema and swellings), Calcium and Magnesium (prevention of menstrual cramps), and Iodine, found in Kelp ( thyroid hormone deficiency can be rectified by sufficient Iodine, which can prevent irregular or profuse bleeding).

If the Estrogen/Progesterone ratio is incorrect, menstrual distress is usually evident; the herb Chaste Tree rebalances these hormones via the control station of hormonal ebbs and flows – the pituitary gland.

Essential fatty acids assist in the formation of prostaglandins which have an anti-inflammatory, anti pain action during menses, Evening Primrose oil is a great source.

When women experience a heavy period which to them is normal, they may require an Iron supplement.   Iron-rich foods are:  molasses, apricots, eggs, milk, wholegrains and nuts, parsley, spinach, prunes, dates, dried fig, olives, corn, walnuts, bananas and red meat.  Vitamin C aids absorption of Iron.

Women on a spartan diet and those exercising daily, too vigorously, have too low essential fatty acid quotient to be able to form sex hormones, malnutrition is also involved in a consequent cessation of menstrual flow.  Lack of Estrogen results in rapid thinning of the bones, preceding osteoporosis.

Smoking aggravates menstrual disorders as it robs the body of Iron, Vitamin C and Estrogen, smokers usually enter into menopause at a younger age than non-smokers.

Moodiness can be caused by low blood sugar levels, eating small, frequent meals will rectify this disorder.

Consult your Naturopath to ensure taking safe, adequate doses of any of the above herbs, vitamins and minerals.

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