“Free radicals” are atoms or molecules with an unpaired electron in their external orbit, this makes them electro-chemically incomplete, hence unbalanced and completely unstable, extremely reactive, seeking to combine with a great variety of atoms and in so doing causing serious damage to cell structures, readily promoting mutations, formation of carcinogens and enhancing cross-linking which promotes ageing in elastic and collagenous tissues.

Oxygen molecules have two unpaired electrons in their outermost orbit so they are particularly involved in destructive activities.

The environment generates free radicals via toxic pesticides and preservatives in foods, ingredients in cosmetics and shampoos and general cleaning agents, radiation from ultra-violet light and X-Rays, rancid foods, as well as smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol.

Natural anti-oxidants available in food are Vitamins A, C and E, one molecule of any of these nutrients will combine with one free radical, deactivating its damaging potential.

New sources of more powerful anti-oxidants have been discovered in the bark of certain pine trees and in grape-seed extracts, named Proanthocyanadins, it is the only anti-oxidant capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, is estimated to be fifty times stronger than vitamin E and twenty times stronger than Vitamin C, and it is more effective because it remains in the body for approximately three days, whereas Vitamin C remains in the blood stream for  around three hours.

Proanthocyanadins do not differ in strength within different sources, they are all the same, however, grape-seed extract yields a higher percentage of product volume than does pine bark.

Due to intense free radical scavenging, the extract strengthens the cardio-vascular system, reduces arthritic pain and swelling, sporting injuries repair rapidly, allergy responses are lessened, energy levels are increased and the ageing process is effectively slowed.


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