If by chance you injure yourself and the resultant wound becomes infected easily, the odds are that your blood and lymph system are too laden with toxins and metabolic wastes to be able to efficiently counteract the obvious invasion by a virus or bacteria.   Other symptoms of this disease are pussy pimples and sores arising of their own volition, boils, abscesses, general tiredness and lack of energy, bad breath and body odor or chronic tonsillitis.

The pussy exudate is a sure indication that your immune system is waging war against a bacterial invader, the pus is the resultant refuse comprised of dead blood cells, leukocytes, bacteria, flesh cells and decaying matter.   At times, when the lymph tubules become infected you may see a red streak leading from the wound site towards a lymph gland, this will cause redness, pain and swelling.   Prompt treatment is necessary in such cases.


Factors which contribute to this disease are:-

Poor diet lacking in fresh, raw fruit an vegetables, seeds and nuts, which are healing and protective foods with their high composition of Vit C and other vitamins and minerals ie Zinc

Imbalance in bowel bacterial flora, caused by long-term constipation and formation of diverticuli [faeces pockets], or prolonged usage of antibiotics.

Poor digestive processes which leave partially digested food putrefying in the bowel, producing all sorts of toxins.

General over-indulgence of harmful substances ie marijuana, alcohol and tobacco, cigarettes contain over 200 noxious poisons.

Stress – constricts lymph and blood vessel tubules and therefore slows cleansing.

Shift work interferes with the immune system.


Optimum treatment would include a Detoxification/Elimination Diet, under Naturopathic supervision, Vit C, lots of Garlic, Zinc and specific herbs which cleanse the lymph system and the blood and boost natural immunity.  For further advice phone 0427 239 676

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