HOMOCYSTINE has built a reputation as a dangerous metabolite when blood levels exceed certain levels.   Overwhelming evidence points to a correlation between elevated Homocystine and the increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

All hope is not lost, nutritional approaches, in particular Folic acid, Vitamins B12, B6, B2 and betaine and Serine have significant roles in reducing Homocystine levels.   Those at risk of not accessing enough of these nutrients are those who refuse to eat green leafy vegetables [Folic acid], and vegans and vegetarians[B12] and the elderly [poor nutrition and digestion].

Homocystine can cause vascular disease by damaging the inner walls of arteries, by promoting blood clotting, and it may cause bad cholesterol [LDL] to be taken into the lining of arteries, causing damage and coagulation.

Elevated Homocystine can contribute to osteoporosis, kidney stone formation, depression, Multiple sclerosis, hormonal disturbances and miscarriage during pregnancy.

Those who exercise least, drink alcohol heavily, smoke tobacco, drink coffee, experience lots of stress and have a poor diet, are most at risk.

General Practitioners are able to order and obtain blood test results regards your Homocystine levels.

Naturopaths are able to prescribe a formula containing the most readily utilised form of Folic acid, plus the other Homocystine lowering vitamins and nutrients mentioned earlier in this article.

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