ENDOMETRIOSIS is diagnosed when tissue more or less perfectly resembling the ENDOMETRIUM occurs in various locations in the pelvic cavity.  The ENDOMETRIUM is the mucus membrane lining the uterine wall.

Symptoms include:   change in regularity and volume of the menstrual flow, knife-like pain in the abdominal cavity that can be so severe it can cause nausea and sweating and inability to walk or move even.  Infertility is unfortunately one of the major side effects of ENDOMETRIOSIS.   Pregnancy is encouraged, interruption of menstruation is thought to retard the disease.

The cause of this problem is unknown, possible causes are agreed to be:   expulsion of endometrial tissue during menses, upward through the Fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity, where implants establish on the ovaries or other tissues lining the abdominal cavity.

Hormonal irregularity that transforms tissue in the abdominal cavity to ENDOMETRIAL tissue

A combination of the above two, where transported ENDOMETRIUM chemically induces other cells to form ENDOMETRIAL tissue



One or more small implants of ENDOMETRIAL tissue in the pelvic cavity

Implants are larger and extend to the utero-sacral ligaments and recto-vaginal septum

Implants are 5 mm or larger in diameter, on the ovary and superficial implants are on broad ligaments and adjacent organs

Endometriomas have penetrated the vagina, bowel, urinary tract and metastasized to such distant sites as lymph nodes

Development of glandular tissue or malignant cells resembling glandular tissue


The Naturopathic approach to treatment of ENDOMETRIOSIS involves detoxifying and cleansing the blood and tissues in the abdominal cavity and body entire.   Considering the involvement of the ENDOMETRIUM sloughing off  the uterine wall, and the fact that this is brought about by hormonal influences, we work towards encouraging the most normal menstrual cycle, and actual menstruation as possible, by ensuring that hormonal secretions are regulated and normal.

I would prescribe specific, notable herbs, oils, vitamins and homoeopathic extracts to encourage possible retardation or even regression of ENDOMETRIOSIS.   I can be contacted on 0427 239 676

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