Diverticulosis is the formation of a distension, ballooning or out-pocketing of the large bowel.

This abnormality occurs in association with constipation and the necessity for the bowel to expand massively, OR if an area of the bowel musculature loses it’s strength and can’t contract effectively to expel faeces, OR if an area of the bowel is very thin and spindly in diameter, with faecal bottlenecks occurring and explosive expulsion into the bowel on the other side of the bottleneck.

Faeces becomes trapped in such bowel pockets, stagnating and putrefying, yielding bad acids which irritate the bowel wall.

Greater volumes of gas are produced to further blow up and enlarge the pocket.

Counter-productive bacteria multiply vigorously, never being disturbed or expelled from out there in the pocket and auto-intoxication via the bowel ensues, with probable candida overgrowth.

This entire scenario causes much damage to the bowel wall and it can become inflamed, often drastically, then called DIVERTICULITIS.

Out of control reproduction, instigated by the need of continual repair or replacement of bowel wall cells, can be the fore-runner of colon cancer.

If constipation were avoided by eating natural, high fibre, bulky foods, this disorder would rarely develop.

Choice of foods if suffering DIVERTICULITIS depends on the degree  of inflammation of the bowel, and whether infection has developed, please consult a Naturopath to assess this and receive advice of healing herbs etc.

Speaking generally – eat small, frequent meals, avoid processed foods [everything in a packet, jar or tin and with chemicals, preservatives of colorings included] and animal foods, except soured milk products.

Drink lots of fresh juices daily, especially vegetable juices.  Do avoid citrus juices, and whole nuts, seeds and grains, they are too rough and scratchy and injure new baby bowel wall cells.  Ground to a powder and added to recipes or served as a paste is usually tolerated.

For specific professional advice regards successful treatment of this painful disorder, I can be contacted on 0427 239 676

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