Anemia is the result of insufficient numbers of red blood cells, one basic cause is the lack of iron-rich foods in the diet.  Iron is required for the formation of the hemoglobin portion of the red blood cell, which is the oxygen carrying component.

Other causes of anemia are: 1. excessive menstruation and loss of blood, 2. internal bleeding ie gastro-intestinal tract ulcers, 3. deficiency of a substance formed in the stomach called “intrinsic factor” which aids assimilation of Vit B12 and Folic Acid, 4.Sickle Cell Anemia – the Hemoglobin molecule becomes misshapen which results in the clumping of red blood cells, sometimes causing extreme pain in the joints and abdomen,  5Hemolytic anemia – rupture of red blood cells due to effects of a toxin, 6. destruction of bone marrow by radiation, chemotherapy, infection or drugs, 7. premature destruction of red blood cells due to unbalanced formation of Hemoglobin molecules.

Elderly people especially may be anemic due to a lack of Hydrochloric Acid secretion in the stomach, supplement of this important digestive acid will improve assimilation of Iron.  Strict vegans and vegetarians might do well to take an Iron and Vit B12 supplement.

Poor rate of transportation of Oxygen by a diminished number of red blood cells, causes extreme tiredness, a white, washed-out appearance & the inner eyelid will be pale, not red.

Rich sources of dietary Iron are: red meat, brown rice, honey, dates, molasses, prunes, dry figs, banana, red & blue fruits and green leafy vegetables. Herbs – Stinging Nettle, Blackberry, Parsley, Chlorophyll & Spirulina.

Iron, Folic Acid & Vit B12 supplements are available, Vit C aids Iron absorption.  Organic Iron does not constipate.  Adequate rest and relaxation are important, sunbathing in moderation and cold rubs are helpful. For further advice, I am available on 0427 239 676


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