This distressing disorder is a noncontagious, inflammatory skin disorder which usually presents as red, dry, itchy skin that can eventually cause cracking of the skin and bleeding with possible infection.
However there is also a weeping, moist type of eczema which is less commonly seen.
Infants at times develop eczema, usually found in the creases of joints, around the mouth and on the scalp. This may be due to feeding with cow’s milk which lacks sufficient essential fatty acids for healthy skin. Those infants with an allergy to dairy produce, caused by a weak digestive system, will often develop eczema, their systems tolerate goat’s milk best of all. If not treated early in life, asthma tends to develop and the child swings between bouts of asthma to eczema. Airborne allergens such as house-dust mite or plant pollens can cause eczema, but the most common reason is a faulty metabolism with toxic buildup trying to escape through the skin, possibly compounded by constipation.
Stress can instigate repeated eczema flare ups and so too can the use of harsh body washes, soaps, shampoos and wash powders.

Juice fasting under Naturopathic supervision and a follow-on raw food diet usually yield good results. Rectifying any tendency toward constipation is very important. Avoid washing with soaps, use plain water on the rash and afterward rub the affected area with a slice of cucumber and dust with whey powder each morning.

Diet wise – raw foods as much as possible, ie seeds, nuts and grains and their sprouted forms, fruit and vegetables.
Avoid all salt, sugar, coffee, chocolate, tea, oranges and other citrus fruits and juices, processed foods, meats, fish, eggs and milk products. Goat’s milk is advisable. Once the eczema has cleared some of these foods may be added back into the diet, following Naturopathic advice.

Certain herbal teas, vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids and ointments and homoeopathics can be of significant help, but they do need to be prescribed according to YOUR needs by a Naturopath.

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