The second stage of digestion takes place in the stomach. This delicate organ is constructed with an inner-most layer of mucous membranes in which there are housed many mucous and enzyme secreting glands. Behind this layer we find a section containing lymph vessels and nerves, these nerves as with all others, are very sensitive to emotional strain and if upset, can cause an over-production and secretion of hydrochloric acid which in the long-term will result in stomach ulcers; or destruction of the gastric mucous membranes and underlying glands which renders them incapable of secreting the hydrochloric acid, pepsin and gastric juices.

Then there comes a muscular layer of tissue which during contractions and relaxation, mixes the contents of the stomach and forces food through the lower outlet into the duodenum.

The secretions of the stomach achieve much of the digestion of protein foods, which are broken down into amino acids, the building blocks of all types of tissues.

Symptoms of an over-acid stomach are: heartburn and tenderness in the stomach area with pain that is worse after eating a meal. Blood could be evident in the faeces. To ease that type of pain, drink a glass of water which effectively dilutes the acid.

Insufficient production of hydrochloric acid is common in the majority of people over the age of forty. Improper digestion of protein causes fermentation of the food in the gastro-intestinal tract and subsequent production of acids and gases and associated belching, burping, reflux, indigestion, heart-burn, foul smelling flatus, lower energy levels and splitting finger nails.

Take any type of drinks a half hour before or one hour after eating, this avoids diluting down the digestive enzymes to levels that will result in inefficient digestion in the stomach and resultant fermentation of the contents.

Specific supplements and herbs are often prescribed by myself to normalise stomach dysfunction, regulate the production of hydrochloric acid and heal gastric inflammation.

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Carolyn White.

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