As the incidence of stress, anxiety attacks, fear and depression increases in our community, so too should our efforts to discover a safe, gentle method of healing the mental, emotional and spiritual being.

It is true, the way we think and feel emotionally has a direct and powerful impact on the body; often we are unhappy and struggling emotionally with a repetitive negative thought, it is then that we succumb to physical sickness too.

Clinical trials and observations of my own with patients who have been suffering life debilitating negative thought processes, have revealed the outstanding success of the Bach Wildflower Remedies in achieving a total change of mind-set, which can be described as remarkable.

Dr Edward Bach, a prominent Harley Street physician, between the year 1930 and 1936, found, perfected and put to use the essences of the petals of English wild flowers for the healing of the mood and temperament of the patient.

The remedies can be used in conjunction with any other form of treatment.

Persons of any age and their pet animals can safely use the essences.

During a process of consultation in clinic the best remedy/remedies can be selected, considering the individual and their particular circumstances of life, and their moods.

Any healing agent that works safely and so effectively, proving itself over a period of 70 years is worth rediscovering.

Please allow me to assist as you discover and experience healing via the essences, which can enable you to start your new, happier life.   Phone 0427239676

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