Baldness occurs most commonly in the adult male, due to excessive production of male sex hormones, which causes thickening of the galea and resultant constriction of capillaries and impaired blood supply to the hair roots.

Isolated small patches of ALOPECIA are often caused by emotional stress and once the stressor is eliminated the hair will regrow.

Hair is rich in the mineral Silicon and is composed of protein called Keratin, therefore a silicon-rich diet is recommended, ie alfalfa, horsetail herb, Stinging Nettle, onion, oats, buckwheat, millet, rice, rye and sesame seed.   Choose vegetable protein sources which are more easily digested and assimilated ie, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seed, almonds, buckwheat, millet, beans, lentils and fresh wheat germ.

Avoid salt and sugar which can cause dandruff and hair loss.   Tobacco impairs circulation to the extremities.

Improve circulation to the head by practising inverted postures two to three times daily ie modified headstand, the plough, downward dog.   Lie on a slant board for fifteen minutes, two times daily, massage the scalp, brush hair daily,  avoid too regular shampooing and plan on reducing prolonged mental work and mental stress which constrict blood vessels in the head.

Treatment from your Naturopath can include prescription of Vitamins, specific minerals and herbs, professional advice re dosages is very important.

To restore hair color try black strap molasses or two tablespoons of sea water daily, taken orally.

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