PROTECTION FROM HEART DISEASE   those people who eat the highest amount of animal fat have more than twice the risk of death from heart disease than those who do not.

PROTECTION FROM CANCER   avoiding red meat appears to lower the risk of colon and bladder cancer.

OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS   vegetarian diets have been linked to a reduction of high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity and constipation.

ON BALANCE   eating adequate amounts of beneficial dietary factors such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole-grains may be even more important than avoiding harmful factors.

WHOLE-GRAIN CEREALS   high fibre intakes are associated with decreased risk of heart disease, colon and other types of cancer.

FABULOUS FRUITS   frequent consumption of fruit (3 serves daily), even by people who eat meat, is associated with decreased risk of cancer of the lung, prostate and pancreas.   Fruits contain many types of active compounds which could protect against disease and stimulate the immune system.

THE PLUSES OF PULSES  frequent consumption of legumes is linked with decreased incidence of pancreatic and colon cancer in those who do eat meat.

GO NUTS   eating nuts four to five times per week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%.

MANY VEGETARIANS LACK VITAMIN B12   vegetarians need to eat at least three serves of reliable Vitamin B12 containing foods each day or take a Vitamin B12 supplement.   For lacto-ovo vegetarians – eggs, milk, yoghurt and other dairy products.

BONE UP ON CALCIUM   Vegans, (who do not eat dairy products), can exhibit bone mineral densities that are significantly lower than other groups.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians, (who eat eggs and milk), have adequate bone mineral densities with similar values to omnivores,( who eat meat).








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