Epidemics of MEASLES usually recur every two to three years and are most common in winter or spring.

The Australian government is concerned about an epidemic here this year and is encouraging vaccination to “prevent” MEASLES.

The virus that causes MEASLES is spread by droplet infection.  Incubation period is 9 to 14 days, the patient can transmit the disease from 3 to 4 days before the rash appears (at the hairline and behind the ears and inside the cheeks) until the rash begins to fade.     At the third or fourth day the patient’s temperature is generally between 103 and 104 F.

Complications:   encephalitis, pneumonia, middle ear infection and mastoiditis.

PATIENT CARE:   The patient should be kept in bed, well rested, as long as the fever and rash continue.   Bathing in luke-warm or tepid water can help lower an elevated temperature.

At the beginning of the disease, unless the patient is severely ill, do not take them to the Dr’s surgery or health care facility or hospital as this increases the risk of infection to those for whom MEASLES might be dangerous ie immuno-compromised adults and infants.

Water and fluids in abundance reduce the fever, so do specific homoeopathics.

The sick room should be well ventilated and warm, draw the blinds if the patient is sensitive to light.

If the itch prevents the patient from resting, apply calamine lotion or corn starch solution or plain cool water or sponge down with half vinegar half water solution.

MEASLES lower the body’s resistance, anyone with a cold or cough should be kept away from the patient.

Administer Calendula tea, 1 tablespoon 2 hourly, Sage and Yarrow reduce temperature.

Vitamin A has been shown in many studies to be capable of alleviating the symptoms of severe MEASLES infection.   Doctors used Vitamin A as early as 1932 to reduce hospital mortality.

Consult me, Carolyn, for advice re dosages and other therapies relative to the MEASLES, please phone 0427239676,

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