Most LECITHIN is derived from soya beans which contain .3 to .6% lecithin.

Composed of a mixture of phospho-lipids, phosphoric acid, the two B group vitamins Choline and Inositol and the amino acid Methionine, LECITHIN is a body fat found in all body cells but most abundantly in the liver and brain.

It aids in the transport of fats around the body and helps disperse unhealthy deposits of fat and cholesterol.   Along with cholesterol, it is essential to the production of bile, the liver produces it continuously, as it does cholesterol.

LECITHIN supplements at the rate of 85 gram daily can lower cholesterol levels.   Due to its emulsifying action it can help keep cholesterol in the bile soluble, thus preventing the formation of gall stones.

Dieters can notice improved weight loss as LECITHIN converts body fats to energy more quickly and disperses long-standing fat stores.

Students and others wishing to improve brain function find that LECITHIN improves the memory, the component Choline is needed for the formation of acetyl-choline, an essential nerve impulse conductor.    Thus elderly people and those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Pre-senile Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease often notice the benefits of a daily supplement of LECITHIN, either in granule or capsule form.   The granules taste quite agreeable and can be sprinkled on breakfast cereal or any other food.   Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.   Check for a rich yellowish color, if it is brownish it has oxidised for too long and is too stale to purchase.

Natural sources of LECITHIN are:   cold pressed vegetable oils  (always stored in glass bottles), egg yolk, nuts, seeds and soya beans.

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