It is possible that many hard-to-diagnose illnesses might simply be HYPOGLYCEMIA which can cause such diverse symptoms as nervousness, exhaustion, headaches, insomnia, digestive disturbances, palpitations of the heart, muscle pain, blurred vision, “crawling” of the skin, breathlessness, to mention just a few.

LOW BLOOD SUGAR is the reverse situation of diabetes and is caused by an over- reactive pancreas producing too much insulin which quickly transports glucose into the cells leaving the blood quite depleted.  Insulin breaks down much more slowly than sugar and remains circulating in the blood for several hours, continuing its lowering of BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.

So the very worst thing to do is to eat something loaded with sugar, yet this is the craving that HYPOGLYCEMICS contend with as the brain registers not enough blood sugars for it to use as fuel.  Do strictly avoid anything containing sugar ie cakes, biscuits, ice-cream, soft drinks, lollies, alcohol, dried fruit etc.  Instead choose foods that are made up of complex carbohydrates, complex meaning that the food digests very slowly, over a 5 to 6 hour period, sending a slow but consistent trickle of glucose into the bloodstream,  and so not overstimulating the pancreas.  Such foods have a Low Glycemic Index and Low Glycemic Load.

Ideal foods include wholegrain breads and cereals, bananas, brown rice, legumes, beans, corn, buckwheat, millet, soured low fat milk products, sour fruits in preference to sweet, melons, strawberries and vegetables except potato, sweet potato, carrot and peas.

A glucose tolerance test will assess the possibility of the disorder, the test is taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.   A blood sample is taken, then a solution containing 100 grams of glucose is drunk and 2 blood tests are taken at 30 minute intervals and then 5 samples of blood are taken at 1 hourly intervals there-after.

Specific herbs and minerals and vitamins help regulate BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.

HYPOGLYCEMICS should give up junk food for good.

For further advice and professional prescription, please contact me, Carolyn, on 0427239676.

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