DYSLEXIA is a specific disorder of reading, writing and spelling that affects 3-9% of school- aged children.

Contrary to the view that DYSLEXIA is a language-processing problem, current research suggests that there is a basic problem in the motor, auditory and visual systems.

People with DYSLEXIA find it unusually difficult to detect flickering or moving stimuli, the auditory and motor processing system is similarly impaired and they find it hard to co-ordinate complex movements and are frequently more clumsy.

It would appear that DYSLEXIA occurs due to a critical nutrient deficiency or toxic insult at specific times during the maturation of the brain.

Nutrient deficiencies associated with a mother’s low intake of fat during pregnancy and compounded with the bottle feeding of the infant, can result in a low intake of docosohexaenoic acid (DHA), the polyunsaturated fatty acid that is required for eye and brain development.

Many studies indicate that babies with adequate intake of DHA have higher IQs and better problem-solving abilities than babies with poor intakes of DHA.

Simple means of treatment might include:

  1. Check for middle ear infections, and treat appropriately.
  2. Arrange examination of the eyes and correction of defects.
  3. Avoid cigarette smoke, chemicals and heavy metals that may impair brain function.
  4. Eat fish regularly as sardines, salmon, cod, or supplement of DHA.
  5. Covering one eye for up to six months during close work may result in improvements.
  6. Underline words when reading, using different colours to improve the distinction between the words and sentences.
  7. Introduce exercises that improve co-ordination, including hand-eye and cross-cranial exercises, repetition is the key here.
  8. Repetitive motor tasks lead to improvements in underlying control.
  9. Teach the child with a multi-sensory approach (include all the senses, visual, auditory and touch).
  10. Tinted eye glasses may be of some benefit regards possible light sensitivity.



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