Caffeine is an adrenal gland stimulant which means it will increase the secretions of adrenal hormones that are associated with a stress response, “fight or flight”, enabled by adrenalin and noradrenalin.

Too much COFFEE can therefore trigger anxiety, tender, inflamed stomach and a poor quality sleep, and like chocolate and Coke it is highly addictive.

Calcium absorption is hindered and calcium loss from the body is increased by drinking only two cups of coffee daily, it increases the production of stomach acids which in excess is a fore-runner of possible stomach ulcer and it increases the heart rate and blood pressure, so people experiencing any of the fore-mentioned health problems should abstain.

COFFEE doesn’t have to be bad for you if taken in moderation, ie one to two cups daily, and if one chooses to purchase organically grown beans suitable for fresh brewing, rather than instant coffee which contains petro-chemical residues and traces of pesticides that have to be used to control crop yields in tropical climates.

COFFEE improves the digestion of fatty foods by stimulating cells that release a special chemical which causes the gall bladder to release ample bile which is the main agent used to digest fats.   This might explain the laxative effect of coffee, bile is our own inbuilt laxative, and it has been concluded that those who evacuate the bowel at least daily, have a much lower incidence of bowel cancer.

As a central nervous system stimulant, COFFEE can assist concentration and alertness and provide a sense of new found energy, increasing stamina in athletes to the point that the International Olympic Committee permit only traces in the urine of those athletes being tested for drugs.

Observations have proven that the ability of aspirin to relieve pain is significantly enhanced if it is combined with a cup of COFFEE, decaf – no help.

COFFEE can assist in asthma prevention as it helps to relax and dilate the muscles of the bronchioles, it is a close chemical relative of a common broncho-dilater, theo-phylline.

It is my understanding that Zentvelds, a local Australian COFFEE grower, provide pesticide-free beans.

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