DYSLEXIA – an inability to read, write, spell, add and subtract at an expected level, confusion between left and right.   Such difficulties often result in the child being teased and bullied which leads to low self-esteem and BEHAVIOURAL DISORDERS.

ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVE DISORDER –  affects boys three to four times more often than girls.    The child is always moving around, unable to concentrate, achieves poor grades when compared with actual IQ, behaviour is often disruptive and unruly and they display poor sleeping patterns.   Low self-esteem is again a natural spin-off.

DYSPRAXIA –  abilities of co-ordination are underdeveloped, the child can’t catch a ball well, is generally clumsy and has poor balance and often has problems with language and thought processes.

Separate studies on these three groups of people have revealed one thing in common, abnormal metabolism of essential fatty acids and consequent deficiency of these E.F.A’s.    Blood tests reveal that the cause is not a dietary deficiency of E.F.A’s, but an inability of the body to convert short chain E.F.A’s to long chain E.F.A’s, which are required for normal eye and brain functions.

Improving the digestion of fats by treating the liver to cleansing and healing herbs will result in improved conversion of E.F.A’s.   Supplementation with especially Docosahexaenoic acid (tuna oil is a rich source), has proved to be effective to varying degrees in resolving the difficulties experienced by the three above-mentioned groups of people and their families.

Consult with myself for further information regards the implications of food allergies in such cases.   Often specific prescription of Chinese Herbs can bring about significant behavioural change, as can specially prepared capsules of the Docosahexaenoic acid.  Please phone 0427239676.

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