Dull, dreary weather is more common lately, clouds hang from above more often, sunlight can’t break through the screen and we can become listless, unenergetic and feel generally tired.

“Seasonally affected depressive syndrome” or THE SADS is the recognised label for this group of symptoms which are caused by lack of sunlight entering the body via the pupils, which in turn affects brain function and natural immunity.

Do try to grab as much sunshine as you can, especially if all year round you work indoors.

Cold weather tends to make us hibernate inside, perhaps abandoning regular exercise patterns which boost lymphatic flow and natural immunity.

Consider choosing indoor exercise ie yoga, stretches, aerobics, gym, skip, mini-tramp, Pilates; however beware, daily overexercising undermines the immune system.

Chilly, wet weather prompts us to light the fires and put on the heaters, poorly ventilated, constantly warm rooms make an ideal environment for bacteria to speed up reproduction, it’s best to have windows slightly open all the time.

Living and working in a heated atmosphere all the time is cause for dehydration and subsequent ill health, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can cut back on water intake, in fact requirements can be even greater, aim for 2 litres of water daily.

Fruit, vegetables and salads and their freshly extracted juices, and all alkaline foods protect us from bacterial and viral invasion.  Dairy products are often mucus forming, mucus is a wonderful bed for germs to set-up camp in.  The naturally high fat content in dairy products labors the lymphatic system, one of our major defence systems.

Garlic, onions and their family, ie leek, shallots, chives, and the herbs thyme and sage all have powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Zinc, taken at the onset of a cold or flu at the rate of 13mg elemental Zinc every two hours, has been proven to dramatically reduce duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms.

If you need assistance in boosting natural immunity, I stock herbs in my clinic that will do just that.  Maybe you have a cold or flu and would appreciate some help to overcome it using herbs from my clinic; if so please ring me on 0427239676 for a short or longer appointment.

Best wishes in avoiding the cold and flu this season!

Carolyn White – Naturopath, Iridologist, Dietitian.

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