ARTERIOSCLEROSIS   or HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES occurs particularly in the elderly and involves a hardening and thickening of the artery walls, it is interesting to note it does not occur in the veins.   The artery walls, which have a middle muscular layer that regulates blood pressure, become inelastic.

ATHEROSCLEROSIS   contributes to the above disease, fatty substances are deposited on the interior of the artery walls.   All of the above factors cause considerable restriction of blood flow and at worst, blockage of the arteries that supply the heart muscle and the brain.   Arterial disease can be caused by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol, stress and exposure to harmful chemicals.   These aggravating factors can interfere with the ability of the damaged cells to replicate themselves perfectly.   Different types of cells may be produced and these may duplicate themselves over and over again, like scarring.   Proliferation of cellular overgrowth will cause the development of a lump in the muscular portion of the artery wall, which inhibits blood flow.

This lump represents a real obstacle and deposits of cholesterol, connective tissue and blood products develop into a soft plaque-cap which when infiltrated with calcium deposits too, forms a hard plaque-cap.

Dangerous electrically charged molecules or atoms called “free radicals” which are invariably components of dangerous toxic substances ( ie cigarette smoke, pollutants, rancid oils, chemical food additives, X Ray exposure), are thought to cause the initial damage to the cells of the artery wall, which sets off the above sequence of detrimental effects.

Naturopathic treatment seeks to neutralize or destroy “free radicals”, the instigating culprits, and to provide optimum requirements for the build and repair of damaged cells, maintenance of strong yet elastic blood vessels and reduction of bad cholesterol and blood stickiness.  Dietary guidelines can be of assistance as well, in prevention or partial cure of this rampant disease, ARTERIOSCLEROSIS.

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