I believe “the Pill” has much to answer for, the number of women experiencing hormonal dysfunction is astounding and many have been long-term users of “the Pill”.

Other hormone disruptors have not been so easily recognised because they don’t sound like they would be associated with hormones ie herbicides, phenolics, chlorinated hydrocarbons and industrial by-products.   The latter translates as plastics, building materials, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, make-up, paints, solvents, adhesives, detergents, toiletries, and lubricants found in everything from CD’s to the talc powder we use on our babies.

Theo Colburn, Senior Scientist for “The World Wildlife Fund” and author of “Our Stolen Future”, appeared on the ABC, (The Cutting Edge – Fooling with Nature).

Having noticed drastic changes in animal populations and population decreases, and birth defects especially of reproductive organs, she has examined the link between certain chemicals and the effects on embryonic development.

There are of late many abnormal manifestations in fish populations, birds, mammals and amphibians.

We can help by not using such chemicals as mentioned above, we need to rediscover old-time methods whereby we can avoid using XENO-ESTROGENS.

Meat chickens are fed supplements to make them mature more quickly for slaughter and earlier point of sale.   Their huge breasts make them so top-heavy they can’t stand up and walk properly.

We can buy certified organic chicken locally, and in the supermarkets there are available free-range chicken cuts.

Have these dietary added supplements contributed to the obvious trend of young girls entering into puberty at the much earlier age of nine, ten or eleven?

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