Adequate intake of VITAMIN E is so important for anyone and everyone alike, however, pregnant women need to be more fastidious than the general population.

Deficiency of VITAMIN E in the embryo can result in death of the foetus and subsequent resorption, blindness, small body size, decrease in elastic fibres of the heart, muscular degeneration and irreparable injury to the testes and seminiferous tubules of male babies.

General benefits of VITAMIN E are:-

  • improves sperm motility and female and male fertility and potency
  • decreases the needs of oxygen at the cellular level
  • acts as an anti-oxidant thereby slowing the aging process and counteracting a tendency to developing cancer
  • protects cell membranes against many environmental poisons
  • in hardening of the arteries it gently dilates blood vessels and acts as an anti-clotting agent thereby reducing heart attack and stroke risk
  • prevents scar tissue formation from burns, operations and sores
  • is a reproductive tonic, hormone balancer, prevents miscarriage and increases male sperm count

The recommended daily allowance is 45 to 100 iu, however, if your diet lacks VITAMIN E a therapeutic dose ranging from 250 iu daily to a much higher dose in specific health disorders, may be prescribed by your Naturopath.

Rich sources of VITAMIN E in foods are:-   wheatgerm (fresh without bitter taste), all cold pressed vegetable oils (in dark glass bottles), especially wheatgerm and soybean oil and all whole raw or sprouted seeds, nuts and grains, green leafy vegetables and eggs.

Always seek professional advice from a Naturopath, such as myself, regards dosages to suit specific ailments.


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