VITAMIN C can be purchased in tablet or powder form, the latter being a more readily absorbed and economical choice.   Ascorbic Acid ( Vit C) is often bonded to form Calcium Ascorbate or Sodium Ascorbate, these are all synthetic forms of Vit C of high potency.   Natural, food derived Vit C can be purchased in the form of Acerola Cherries wafers, but the strength per wafer is minimal.   The pithy fibres of citrus fruits are rich in Bioflavinoids, naturally designed this way to aid the absorption of Vit C.

Dietary items rich in VITAMIN C are:-   capsicum, orange, lemon, grape-fruit, lime, rosehip, blackcurrant, strawberry,  guava, apple, tomato, potato, parsley, broccoli tops, brussel sprout, cabbage and all other fruit and vegetable.

The body utilises VITAMIN C for:-

  • the formation of collagen, the inter-cellular cement
  • the formation of adrenal gland hormones which give us our “get up and go” and ability to cope with stress
  • it is an anti-oxidant, mopping up and neutralising damaging electrically charged molecules that hasten the aging process and are implicated in damage to artery walls, and formation of cancers
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-histamine properties
  • aids absorption of iron
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • counteracts the toxic effect of drugs
  • displays antibiotic benefits

A deficiency of VITAMIN C will cause symptoms of poor immunity and subsequent repeated colds and other viral infections, poor wound healing, weakness, lassitude, muscle and joint pain, irritability, bleeding gums, loose teeth, haemorrhages in the skin, eyes and nose.

High doses of up to 10 gram per day do not constitute a health risk for man, the vitamin is water soluble and once the body cells are saturated with VITAMIN C excess will be excreted via the kidneys and bowel.   However, extremely ill patients ie cancer, may experience a bowel intolerance to Vit C and this will b evidenced in diarrhoea.   Tolerance can be increased by starting on a low dose, of quarter to half teaspoon every 4 – 6 hours and gradually increasing to a level teaspoon every 2 hours if necessary.   The average person can tolerate between 10 and 15 gram per 24 hours initially, one rounded teaspoon = 4,000 mg.   Natural Vit C levels decrease in acute disease so tolerance is increased if acutely ill with flu, cold, glandular fever, pneumonia, herpes 1 & 2 and hepatitis.

High VITAMIN C concentration in the bloodstream has been found to be an inactivating agent for every virus that has been tested in this way, it also potentiated the immune system, which is of much benefit in the case of AIDS.


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