Take VITAMINS with or after meals, digestive enzymes will assist with the break-down and digestion of tablets especially.   Avoid diluting your digestive enzymes by taking VITAMINS with the tiniest amount of water/liquid possible, preferably swallow with a mouthful of chewed food.

Divide daily dosages equally between the three main meals.

Take prescribed VITAMINS continuously, except, high dosage B Complex and synthetic isolated B Vitamins and large doses of Vitamins A and D.

VITAMINS A and D are not water soluble and can build up in the liver and kidneys, if taking either of these or B Vitamins in large doses, take for one month on and one month off etc.

Those with heart disease should take VITAMIN E continuously.

Only pure D-alpha-tocopherol fraction of VITAMIN E is effective in the treatment of disease.

VITAMIN E and Iron are antagonists, take Iron eight to twelve hours apart from Vitamin E, Iron-rich foods are an exception though.

The following life-style factors predispose the body to the following VITAMIN supplementation:-  smoking – Vit C, taking Aspirin – Vit C, Alcohol – Vitamins B Complex, chlorinated water – Vit E, laxatives – Vitamins B and C.


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