It is important to consider all of the possible factors that can be responsible for allergic reactions in the nasal passages.

Runny, itchy, red nose  accompanied by swelling of the nasal tissues and sneezing, are common symptoms of hayfever/sinusitis.

Naturally we need to “mop up” and invariably one will reach for the tissues many times during the day.

In years gone by everyone used cotton handkerchiefs.

Little things can mean a lot!

Facial tissues expose one to paper dust, bleaches, colorants and of course with the evolution of the new-style tissues we are exposed to many perfumes and essential oils ie rose, sandalwood, lemon oils, tea tree, lavender etc.

Allergy sufferers usually find that they are super sensitive to many chemicals and perfumes, in fact if one is allergic to tea tree oil for example, it will cause real aggravation and redness of the skin.

In case your allergies are being heightened by the use of facial tissues I suggest an experiment of three weeks whereby you will use only cotton handkerchiefs, exclusively.

May I suggest that the usage of similar style “designer toilet paper” could contribute to vaginitis, inflamed vulva and anal area.  Test this possibility by using only unbleached, unadulterated, plain, simple toilet paper.

Yours in service for Better Health!

Carolyn White ND



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