The structure of vein walls is very similar to that of the arteries, but the walls are much thinner.   Inside the canal, interspersed at regular intervals are valves which open toward the heart and prevent back-flow of blood when closed.   Movement of the blood back to the heart is assisted by contraction of skeletal muscles and changes in pressure within the body which occur during breathing.   Those people engaged in a sedentary occupation are more inclined therefore to develop VARICOSE VEINS, considering the usual lack of exercise and consequent poorer circulation of venous blood.

Others may have a circulatory system which has weak blood vessel walls and valves which possess little elasticity, this can result in pooling of blood in the veins.   Back-flow pressures on the valves of the veins are extreme with weakening and distension of the valves resulting.   This allows back-flow of blood through the veins, causing a distended, knotty and tortuous appearance.

Women who have borne children have a higher incidence of VARICOSE VEINS due to congestion of the pelvic organs and blood vessels by the pressures caused by the enlarged uterus.

Simple tips for prevention and alleviation of this disorder are:   take pineapple juice which contains bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory.   Witchhazel applied directly to troublesome veins temporarily astringes and provides a pump action to move the blood along.   In the early stages, fingertip massage in the direction of the heart with ice cold water.   Wear elasticised stockings to prevent further swelling from back-flow and pooling.   Elevate the legs three times daily for ten minutes at a time, avoid constipation, exercise daily, reduce long hours of sitting and standing and tight fitting clothing.

I can advise on strengthening vein walls, promoting their elasticity, prevention of blood clots and regulation of blood pressure, which are all of supreme importance.   For further advice, please phone 0427239676.

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