HALITOSIS or offensive odor of the breath will linger on unless the root cause is discovered; the most common causes being tooth and gum conditions, sinusitis and tonsillitis whereby long-term or recurring infection causes HALITOSIS, smoking, gastrointestinal sluggishness and constipation.

Practice chewing food well, at least twenty times each mouthful.   The first stage of digestion occurs as food is mulched and coated thoroughly with salivary digestive enzymes, bad breath can result if food is poorly chewed – digested.

Therefore is is important to digest food efficiently in the stomach too, it is here that protein in particular is digested by the stomach’s secretion of Hydrochloric acid and Pepsin.   Avoid over-eating and limit meat and eggs intake.   Those over forty years of age often notice belching and burping ie poor stomach digestion, a Hydrochloric acid tablet taken with minimal water, during each meal,  is advised.

Do not drink with meals, the liquid dilutes the digestive juices.

When the bowels are opened every two or three days only, (ie constipation), waste by-products of the body are absorbed back into the bloodstream, this refuse can be excreted via the lungs, thus foul breath.   So eliminate constipation by drinking 2 litres of water daily, exercise regularly and try Psyllium, prunes or dried figs as  gentle laxative foods.

Restrict refined foods, limit bread intake and eat lots of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables.

Each morning take 1 teaspoon of powdered Charcoal (also available in tablet form), in a glass of water, Charcoal absorbs bad odors and associated toxins.   Purify the bowel and gastrointestinal tract with liquid Chlorophyll.   Other specifics for HALITOSIS are:   Irish Moss, Alfalfa tablets – 6daily, and 1,000 mg of Vitamin C daily.

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