An HEMORRHOID is an enlarged (varicose) vein in the mucous membrane inside or just outside the rectum, associated disorders can be – an anal fissure, thrombosis or strangulation of the affected vein.

Internal HEMORRHOIDS are first noticed when minor bleeding occurs on defecation, pain is rarely felt.   External HEMORRHOIDS produce varying degrees of pain, feelings of pressure, itching, irritation, and it can be felt.  Bleeding occurs if the HEMORRHOID is injured or ulcerated.

Increased pressure on the veins of the anus causes HEMORRHOIDS ie prolonged sitting, constipation and hard dry stools that are difficult to pass can lead to straining and sitting at stool for long periods of time.

Denying the urge to defecate can exacerbate the problem, in women, the most common cause is pregnancy.

An anti-constipation diet is of prime importance – avoid animal proteins and eat lots of wholegrain products, seeds, nuts, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and raw sprouted seeds.

Drink plenty of water, herb teas and juices.

Regular exercise, particularly walking, is most beneficial.

Suppositories made from peeled garlic bud or raw potato have been reported to bring relief and Vitamin B6 taken after each meal has been effective in aiding a speedy healing.

Applications of cold to an external HEMORRHOID is relieving, as is splashing with an herbal astringent called Witchhazel, or local application of Swedish Bitters.

Healing from the inside can be promoted by taking Vitamin C and bioflavonoids (which strengthen blood vessel walls and reduce inflammation) and specific homoeopathic drops.


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