SHINGLES or Herpes Zoster is caused by the chicken pox virus and results in inflammation of bundles of nerves coming from the central nervous system which causes water filled eruptions on the skin, following the pathway of a sensory nerve.

The disease may appear in persons who have been exposed to the chicken pox virus or it may appear without any apparent reason for activation.

Treatment focuses on the healing of the stricken nerves, combating the viral infection and most of all relieving the pain and itching of the nerve endings of the skin and the blisters, which usually continues constantly, making this a very exhausting disease.   Isolation is recommended for the duration of the illness.   Touching fluids oozing from the blisters can result in infection so isolation in bathing procedures, linen, clothing etc is advised.   Once the blisters have all crusted over the chances of contracting the virus are diminished.

Naturopathic treatment includes high doses of specific Vitamins to clear up nerve lesions.   Other Vitamins promote healing and act in an anti-viral capacity.   We need other remedies to effectively reconstruct the myelin sheath that covers all nerves and we need to stabilise cell membranes and improve wound healing rate.

An external application of a bandage soaked in the following preparation will ease pain and itching:-   2/3 part Chamomile and 1/3 part Mustard seed (ground) or 1 tablespoon total per 2 litres of boiling water, steep 10 minutes and apply 3 times daily for 2 hours at a time.

Dosages of oral healing agents should be prescribed by a Naturopath.

For further information regards the best, tried and true remedies for SHINGLES, please call me for an appointment on 0427239676.

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