Whenever you hear the word CHLOROPHYLL perhaps you think, “gum leaves, koala bear food”, however we ingest substantial amounts of CHLOROPHYLL in the form of green plants, especially those of a deep green color.  Within the plant, CHLOROPHYLL is surrounded by fatty substances which may result in only partial absorption in the small intestine.   Thus when using CHLOROPHYLL for therapeutic purposes, choose the liquid form which is water soluble and non-toxic and remains unchanged at the point of absorption in the small intestine.

Infections of the skin respond to CHLOROPHYLL ointment, it relieves instantly, itching and burning disorders of the skin and heals chronic skin ulcers.

The tonic properties of CHLOROPHYLL are appreciable, probably due to the almost identical structure of the molecule to haemin, the pigment part of the haemoglobin molecule which carries oxygen around the system.   CHLOROPHYLL has improved anemic tendencies and has a general beneficial effect on strengthening the heart and regulating blood pressure.

CHLOROPHYLL stimulates that part of the bone marrow that produces haemoglobin.

It stimulates bowel action, cleanses and deoderizes the bowel and has a healing action on peptic ulcers.

In cases of bad breath (halitosis) it has been advised “eat a sprig of parsley”, the dark green CHLOROPHYLL within, neutralizes obnoxious odors in the mouth and gastro-intestinal tract.

The liquid form of CHLOROPHYLL can be taken internally to eradicate bad body odor from perspiration, foot odors, menstrual odor and unusual urine odor; this effect is due to the powerful, deep cleansing action and elimination of toxins from the body.


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