ALFALFA lucerne sprouts are highly nutritious and low calorie ie 40 calories per cup.  Menopausal women can boost their estrogen levels by eating 1 cup of sprouts every second day as the sprouted seeds contain the female hormone.  Use seeds that have not been treated in any way.

In conditions of excess acidity and internal inflammation a decoction of 30 gram of crushed seeds per 500 mls of water is beneficial, simmer the brew for 10 mins and let stand till cool, strain and drink with carrot, apple or pear juice.  Helpful for arthritis, gastritis and burning urine.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR  works well for sprains, strains and swollen glands.  Dampen brown paper with the vinegar and apply over the injury.  Using a small towel dampened with the vinegar, apply to the forehead to relieve headaches and for a sore throat.  People with sensitive skin may need to dilute the vinegar with cold water.  One teaspoon in a glass of water, sipped slowly before meals, aids the process of digestion where the stomach is not producing enough hydrochloric acid and pepsin.

CABBAGE – use the juice on pimples and sores, simply dab on.  Marvellous properties of the humble cabbage contribute to the healing of gastric ulcers, start with 1 tablespoon of juice daily, increasing to 1 cup, it is far more palatable if mixed with carrot juice.

POTATOES  make an excellent chest poultice, especially for an irritating cough.  Dry roast in the jacket, squash it on half a piece of material, the size needed to cover the chest, fold over the other half to make a potato envelope, and lay on the chest.  Wrap plastic wrap around the upper body to contain the poultice, leave on for 2 hours, remove and replace with a new poultice if necessary.   To erase dark rings and puffiness under the eyes, grate raw POTATO and lay it on gauze over the eyes for 15 minutes, resting with the feet up.  A broth made from the skins helps in cases of arthritis and over-acid stomach and indigestion.

May your garden grow and make you well!

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