The onset of MENOPAUSE occurs usually around the mid to late forties, but can range from the late thirties which is considered quite early, (often noticed in women who have undertaken tubal ligation at an early age), through to the mid fifties.

Changes in hormonal production cause many side effects, due to cessation of ovulation and lack of estrogen excretion.

Significant side effects might be hot flushes and flashes, irritability, depression, less sexual desire, increased growth of body hair, weight gain, dry vagina, skin and hair, sensation of “crawling skin”, irritated urinary outlet, insomnia and increasingly porous, brittle bones.

Vitamin E stimulates production of Estrogen, so choose Vitamin E rich, raw and sprouted seeds and nuts in your diet, milk and cottage cheese, raw foods, cold pressed vegetable oils and soya bean products.  Do avoid stimulants ie coffee, tea, alcohol, hot spices, curry and pepper, these definitely worsen hot flushes.

Women who smoke tobacco invariably enter into MENOPAUSE at an earlier age.

Plenty of outdoor exercise stimulates the excretion of endorphins which induce a feeling of well-being, weight bearing exercise slows thinning of the bones.

Ensure that you have sufficient sleep and relaxation, an afternoon siesta is so beneficial.

Hormone replacement therapy is not suitable for all women, especially those with a family history of cancer, some women experience severe breast tenderness, abdominal bloat and rapid weight gain, nausea, allergic skin reactions and headache.

As a fully qualified Naturopath with twenty seven  years of clinic experience, I have many natural options to prescribe, herbs that contain estrogen, vitamins to either promote production of estrogen or act as a natural substitute, and essential fatty acids relieve a variety of symptoms, themselves alone.

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