FASTING involves total or partial abstinence from food or water for short or long periods.

During an extended FAST, the body temperature drops, blood and lymph vessel constriction occurs, elimination slows and uric acid accumulates.  Therefore arthritis and rheumatism sufferers should undertake short 2 – 3 day fasts only, or a mono-diet ie fruit or other alone, repeated periodically.

FASTING is not suitable for the aneamic, nursing mothers, diabetics or those recovering from serious illness, or who are underweight.

Benefits of FASTING are:  increases lifespan, cells appear more youthful and the metabolic rate increases.  Visibly the skin is clearer and of a better color, the tongue becomes clearer and pink, the eyes are brighter, hair glossy and patients report feeling fresher, lighter and younger.

These benefits are realised because during a FAST AUTOLYSIS (self- eating) occurs, absorption and digestion of animal tissue by ferments and enzymes is greatly increased, therefore fatty tissue, accumulated wastes, toxins and growths etc are absorbed and eliminated.  Our marvellous bodies protect their vital organs and only non-essentials are consumed, patients loose weight, and the glands and hormonal systems function better.

FASTING on fruit and vegetable freshly extracted juices and broths are best, their alkaline composition and diuretic capacity more quickly flushes wastes from the system than does water.  The natural sugars provide an energy source and minerals in abundance promote healing.

If you have lost your appetite, try a short FAST until you feel hungry again, drink juices every 2 – 3 hours.

Undertake a FAST only when in a positive frame of mind and don’t set a specific duration, shorten or lengthen the fast depending on the effects.

If the body is harboring large accumulations of waste and toxins, one can experience fatigue, nausea and/or headaches on the second or third day.

Very gradual re-introduction of simple foods is necessary.

Those who are unwell and wanting to FAST should consult with a Naturopath first and then possibly proceed, under supervision.

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