A little baby’s digestive system is quite delicate, evidenced by the common bouts of colic, it can take many months to begin to work efficiently.

Too early an introduction to solids and a deficient digestive system means the foods will remain mostly undigested, it is then that the food will ferment in the stomach and intestines, producing lots of gas and harmful acids.

Voluminous amounts of gas blow up and stretch intestine walls and damage them.

Acids burn and damage the lining of the intestines which allows ready passage of large molecules of undigested food to pass through the bowel wall and into the blood stream.

The body then programs itself to recognize that food as an allergy- causing substance and common allergy symptoms will ensue.

Here in Australia we notice a high incidence of children and adults who are intolerant of dairy products, and wheat in its many forms, and these are the foods that many babies are first introduced to.

Therefore, if at all possible, do not introduce solid foods until baby is six to eight months old.

Commence with juices, 1 teaspoon per bottle, gradually increasing.  Choose carrot, apple or orange juice and try each one alone for five to seven days, watching for any reaction and recording adverse reactions.

Then introduce mashed or pureed fruits and vegetables, bananas are usually well tolerated, melons are easily spoon fed, gradually introduce the full variety, remembering to test every single food for five to seven days.

At the age of twelve months add in ground nuts and seeds.

Between eighteen and twenty- four months start with cereals, initially testing with oats, millet, buckwheat and rice and finally testing wheat.

Finally introduce meats, white meats are more easily digested.


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