It is presently estimated that up to 10,000 Australians are suffering from this disease, which, as the above name implies, may be induced by the patient contracting a virus, and by all appearances overcomes the virus, but a low grade viral activity continues, undetected by usual testing methods, for a period of 6 months to 3 years.

Other causes are considered to be:

  1. heavy metal overload
  2. chemical overload
  3. borderline nutritional deficiencies due to malabsorption of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  4. food allergy and sensitivity, particularly to milk and gluten containing grains
  5. misshapen red blood cells

CFS often affects young adults who are studying and competing, they contract a glandular fever condition which lingers on causing further symptoms of CHRONIC FATIGUE, extreme muscle fatigue, nausea, indigestion, food and chemical sensitivities, increased risk of infection, lack of concentration, confusion, memory loss, mood swings and psychological problems to further complicate the scene.

More females than males present with the condition.  The typical patient has attacks of “hunger’ for air due to the inability of inelastic, misshapen, oxygen-laden red blood cells to proceed along the minute capillaries to supply the cells with vital oxygen.  Normally the oxygen is exchanged at the cell membrane for cellular waste products, if this exchange does not take place the cell becomes laden with waste and is unable to respire or function properly.  This will cause fleeting or long-term pain and fatigue in localised or broad ranging areas.

It does appear that a great majority of CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME patients have been exposed to environmental chemicals and many have noticed the onset of their condition directly following such contact.

A detoxification dietary program is advised and prescription of anti-oxidants which are fundamental to chemical detoxification and tissue protection, with addition of specific mineral supplementation.  Herbs to strengthen and cleanse the liver and kidneys are of importance, so also is cleansing of lymphatic system and boosting efficiency of the entire immune system.


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