Have you ever wondered why dried figs, dates and prunes cause diarrhoea and stomach pain?  They are loaded with FRUCTOSE, the natural sugar found in fruits which a surprising number of people are intolerant to and unable to absorb completely.  FRUCTOSE is one of the major causes of diarrhoea in children, usually due to ingestion of fruit juices, apple juice appears to be most troublesome.

Lactose (the natural sugar in all dairy products) intolerance causes abdominal bloat and cramps too, if after removal of lactose rich foods from the diet, symptoms still persist, then suspect FRUCTOSE OR SORBITOL intolerance.  Infant and toddler diarrhoea is often caused by SORBITOL ingestion, it is found in prunes, pears, peaches and apples and their juices.

Many nutritional supplements include one or another type of sugar in their formulae, small amounts of glucose have far less adverse effect than sucrose from cane sugar, FRUCTOSE and lactose.

There is well founded concern amongst health scientists, following the correlation of many tests, that dietary FRUCTOSE increases fasting plasma triglyceride and cholesterol levels, especially elevated are the VLDL and LDL fractions, with no apparent increase in the beneficial HDLs.

Those people with recognised cardio-vascular risk factors should therefore be well aware of this action of FRUCTOSE and eat from the fruit family in moderation.  Candida Albicans ie thrush sufferers will actually feed the harmful bacteria on a high fruit/fruit juice diet.  A natural sweetener called Fructo oligo saccharide is totally beneficial, lowering VLDL and LDL levels, and increases HDL,  and the population of friendly bacteria in the bowel ie Lacto-bacillus and Bifidus bacteria.  Meanwhile, the disease causing E Coli and Clostridium are unable to utilise this sugar.

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